Business Cards and Golf Shirts

I work in the corporate world. This means I am around lots of networking luncheons, summits, meetings and all around schmoozapaloozas. If you know me, you know that I actually enjoy all of these. I enjoy meeting all kinds of interesting people and learning a little about their lives. I am the stereotypical “people person.” One thing you see at any and every business function, without exception, is the exchanging of business cards. Everyone wants everyone else to know who they are and what they do. Yes, it is handy for getting contact info off of, but let’s be honest - it is mostly about telling people who you are.

I was so excited when I got mine in. Being new to this world, when it is time to go to a function, I usually end up either: a) forgetting them entirely, or b) bringing far too few. I think my children were the first people I gave them out to, because I couldn’t think of anyone else who would want or need one. I justified this by telling myself that I am JUST the administrative assistant, but truth be told, I aspire to a higher position, so I should be better.

Another item I received shortly after being hired was a nifty cool golf shirt with the company logo and name embroidered on the sleeve and chest. I see a lot of other people at various events wearing similar shirts, so I know it’s another one of those “corporate world” must haves. As I mentioned, our shirts are golf shirts - really nice ones. But, I don’t golf. And, to be honest, it’s a men’s golf shirt, so even though I got a small, it nearly touches my knees when I tuck it in. I’m not complaining, mind you. I actually like having the golf shirt better than my business cards. Here’s why. When I wear my shirt, everyone who sees me knows I have some relationship with my company, or I wouldn’t be wearing it. The assumption is that my identity is somehow linked with the company I am advertising. I am essentially bragging about being with the company I work for. I know there are exceptions to this thought process going through your head right now, (like the t-shirt you wear that your Aunt brought back from Graceland) but just go with it. I have a purpose.

So, in getting to that... I am reading a new book that I love, and even though it doesn’t even broach this type of thing, it got me thinking about one thing, which led to another, which led to this: Is my faith- my relationship with God through Christ – a business card or a golf shirt?

Now I know you think I am crazy!

What I mean is, do I treat my Christianity and its impact on my life like a business card that is given out as a kind of, “Hi! I am Carrie, and I am a Christian!” Or, is it more like the logo on my golf shirt, so obviously a part of who I am that everyone who sees me makes that connection instantly? If I am honest with myself, the answer isn’t the one it should be. How often do I, for the sake of making myself look more pious, infuse a conversation with a Biblical reference? What about the casual name dropping of my church name or that of the private Christian school my children attended? The list of instances could go on and on. What I realize, looking at these situations constructively, is that I was “giving out” my faith, like I would a business card, so that I would look good. But was I making God look good? Were my actions matching up to my projected self?

How much different would Carrie look if I wore my faith as openly as the logo on my golf shirt? Again, I don’t think I like the answer, but the truth of it convicts me to work hard to get to that point. I consider myself blessed because I know several amazing people who exemplify this transparency that I can turn to for support and more importantly, accountability. It will take time, and prayer, and time in the Word. The Holy Spirit has sowed the seed of desire in my heart, now it’s up to me to tend it and give it the environment and food that will grow it into a living vine, with fruit that I don’t have to point out to people because they will see it all over me.


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